Our Story

The original location for La Bella Pizza was founded at the current Olsen location in May 2003. In 2016, Jim and Candy Dewitz took over the Olsen La Bella restaurant (no affiliation with other La Bella locations) and continuously updated and gained favor with locals and travelers alike. When the opportunity arose to add a dining area, bar, and drive-thru window in the space next door, Jim and Candy jumped at the chance to better serve the increasing number of guests. Along with the expansion, they have included beer and wine delivery as an option for customers.

In keeping with their reputation for growth and improvement, the Dewitzes are rebranding La Bella Pizza on Olsen as Big Jim’s Pizza Co. Watch for news about updates in the near future. Fear not! We will still offer the same delicious food and recipes our customers expect.


Our Heart & Soul

Meet the family – better yet, visit regularly, and you’ll be treated like family. Come into Big Jim’s Pizza Co. any time. You’ll likely see one of these people with the rest of the crew working diligently to provide amazing food and drinks for our guests. Our team makes daily batches of fresh dough and prepares our homemade Alfredo and Marinara sauces. Every dish is made to order, ensuring the freshest possible entrees for our guests. With a commitment to the quality of every recipe that leaves our kitchen, it is a labor of love. Our dedicated team is the Heart and Soul of Big Jim’s Pizza Co.

Jim – AKA Big Jim

Meet Jim – yes, he is “Big Jim” of Big Jim’s Pizza Co. and is responsible for many of our place’s new and innovative choices.  

Growing up outside Chicago and having been in the restaurant business since childhood, he has had the chance to delve into many different cuisine and preparation styles. This translates into unique new pizzas and other dishes on the menu. Be sure to check out our Specials of the Month.


“The General” is the one that keeps this place running on all cylinders. While serving hundreds of orders a day, he still checks on our guests and personally welcomes new customers. 

Kane has been in many fields over his lifetime. He found his calling when he came to us at Big Jim’s Pizza Co. With his attention to detail and passion for perfection, he is undeniably the perfect man for the job.


Jackson is a valued member of the Big Jim’s family who loves how we come together as a team, but know how to have fun at the same time. He plays video games in his spare time and spends time with his friends. His favorite dish is the Jalapeño Popper Pizza with hot honey drizzle.


Christina enjoys crafting, playing darts, or just relaxing in her spare time. She has come to love working here because she feels genuinely considered as a family member and not just an employee. Her current favorite dish is the Jalapeño Popper Pizza with Chicken.


Michelle loves working at Big Jim’s because she feels genuinely cared for as a person and not just an employee. In her downtime, she likes camping, video games, and cuddles with her dog. Her favorite menu item is the Italian Beef Sub.


Kaleb’s favorite Big Jim’s menu choice is The Cubano.  He enjoys working with the team. When asked how he likes to spend his time, Kaleb replied cheekily “I’ll have to make something up that sounds more wholesome than going to bars. LOL”


A quote from Tree about working at Big Jim’s “I love the energy and I love the team!”  His favorite pizza on the menu is The Grilled Cheese. Tree enjoys spending time with his family and going to the gym. 


Daniel says he appreciates the fact that the management and the team at Big Jim’s trys to make work fun. In his free time he likes listenting to music, painting and cooking. Daniel’s favorite thing on the menu the chicken alfredo. “The sauce is delicious.”


Kenny has been with us longer than any other team member. His favorite item is the lamb gyro. He says his favorite thing to do in his spare time is to play games and be a nerd. Kenny loves being a delivery driver, but you will most likely catch Kenny providing you exceptional service while dining in with us.


Charissa is our right hand ma’am. She wears a ton of hats and helps us get all of our projects done from marketing, HR duties, food costing, menu updates, and training materials. She is so busy we can’t even get a picture of her.